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“Integrity, Knowledge, Leadership”
Leonard Foster

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How The Federal Reserve Enslaved Us

Pretty interesting and scary…


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Steve Sanson Shows His True Colors

Steve Sanson Losing Candidate for Assembly 13.

Steve Sanson Losing Candidate for Assembly 13.

On July 7, 2016, I received a nice voicemail on my phone from Steve Sanson, former Assembly 13 candidate and President of Veterans In Politics Intl. I believe the message was due to this article I wrote about him.

This message clearly illustrates that Sanson is not a nice person and should never be elected to any public office. He likes to use vulgar language and tends to threaten anyone who disagrees with him. He does this quite a bit as illustrated on this website thread.

On his Facebook page he states: “So I decided to take a good look at the source of the negative name calling and silly accusations. To add these individuals never showed an interest in my campaign until now. After I conducted a simple criminal background check on the source of the negative name calling. I found out that many of them had a brush with the law, from branashing (sic) a weapon, domestic violence, assault. The list goes on, now I am not saying that all of them have something to hide. I am saying if you come after me, I am going to make it my duty to learn about you!

But I guess it’s OK for Sanson to brandish a weapon while intoxicated? LVRJ Article.

In the voice message, Sanson tells me to quit lying about him but he doesn’t say what I lied about. He does say that in my previous article I just mentioned him and not the other candidates who also filed a Statement of Contest. Well, I do mention all the other candidates in the second paragraph! I guess he can’t read either.

Is Steve Sanson unstable? I don’t know but I would advise to steer clear of him. Here is the message he left on my phone (WARNING! VULGAR LANGUAGE):


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Steve Sanson, What a BOOB!

I’ll be the first to say there should be complete integrity in our voting system.

By now we’ve all heard about the Statement of Contest filed by six losing candidates in the 2016 Primary, a legal action alleging that there was a “possible and probable malfunction” in the voting or counting devices used to record and tabulate the votes. The six candidates are Steve Sanson, Blain Jones, Diana Orrock, Mary Rooney, Connie Foust and Tina Trenner.

Steve Sanson Losing Candidate for Assembly 13.

Steve Sanson Losing Candidate for Assembly 13.

I hope the court documents filed by Orrock, Rooney, Foust and Trenner are better than the one filed by losing Assembly 13 candidate Steve Sanson. His filed Statement Of Contest shows what a BOOB he is and I’m glad he didn’t win the Assembly 13 primary. (I live in Assembly 13)

I don’t disagree that Steve Sanson can file a Statement of Contest to make sure the vote count was correct. I also don’t disagree that Sanson can inspect and manually audit the sealed, raw vote.

What makes Steve Sanson a BOOB is that he really believes he should have won this race. He claims that polling done showed him either ahead of Anderson or dead even and somehow the voting machines are to blame for changing the vote. Please.

When I ran for Assembly 13 in 2012 against Paul Anderson, there was a poll done for me that showed that Anderson and I were in a dead heat. Imagine my surprise on election night when I saw that I was losing 2:1! Did I go and cry like a baby? No. I learned that, many times, polling doesn’t mean squat in small, local elections.

If you look at the election results for the 2016 Assembly 13 primary, Paul Anderson won by approximately 2:1 again. Is this due to “rigged voting machines”? No. It’s the nature of Assembly District 13. Let me explain.

Nevada Assembly District 13 is a heavy Latter Day Saints (LDS) district. Paul Anderson in a member of the LDS Church. LDS members vote in the primary. LDS members vote for LDS members. This is a political fact in Assembly 13.

After I lost in 2012, I was told that there may be no way that a non-LDS member can win in this district. I believe this may be true as most voters who are not members of the LDS Church do not vote in the primary. Again, a political fact in Assembly 13 and other Districts.

You can read Steve Sanson’s complaint here: Sanson Contest

Joe Gloria is the head man for the Clark County Election Department. I have met and spoken to him personally and I take him for a man with integrity. I believe he does everything he can to make sure the election in Clark County is done honestly, correctly and by the rules.

Do I believe Paul Anderson won the Assembly 13 race honestly? Yes I do.

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