Steve Sanson Shows His True Colors

Steve Sanson Losing Candidate for Assembly 13.

Steve Sanson Losing Candidate for Assembly 13.

On July 7, 2016, I received a nice voicemail on my phone from Steve Sanson, former Assembly 13 candidate and President of Veterans In Politics Intl. I believe the message was due to this article I wrote about him.

This message clearly illustrates that Sanson is not a nice person and should never be elected to any public office. He likes to use vulgar language and tends to threaten anyone who disagrees with him. He does this quite a bit as illustrated on this website thread.

On his Facebook page he states: “So I decided to take a good look at the source of the negative name calling and silly accusations. To add these individuals never showed an interest in my campaign until now. After I conducted a simple criminal background check on the source of the negative name calling. I found out that many of them had a brush with the law, from branashing (sic) a weapon, domestic violence, assault. The list goes on, now I am not saying that all of them have something to hide. I am saying if you come after me, I am going to make it my duty to learn about you!

But I guess it’s OK for Sanson to brandish a weapon while intoxicated? LVRJ Article.

In the voice message, Sanson tells me to quit lying about him but he doesn’t say what I lied about. He does say that in my previous article I just mentioned him and not the other candidates who also filed a Statement of Contest. Well, I do mention all the other candidates in the second paragraph! I guess he can’t read either.

Is Steve Sanson unstable? I don’t know but I would advise to steer clear of him. Here is the message he left on my phone (WARNING! VULGAR LANGUAGE):


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