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When it comes to holding the line on tax increases, plenty of candidates “talk the talk”. Unfortunately, our current Assemblyman representing us in District 13 doesn’t “walk the walk” and has suppported, and voted for, the largest tax increase in Nevada history. He refused to sign the Tax Pledge and now we know why. 

I have proudly signed the Taxpayer Protection Pledge so that you, the voter, will know I walk the walk when it comes to taxes. As a small business owner, I know firsthand how higher taxes hurt business and kill job creation. 

All elections come down to a choice and the choice could not be more clear–one candidate willing to put his position on taxes in writing or one that just loves raising your taxes.

“Integrity, Knowledge, Leadership”
Leonard Foster

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Steve Sanson Shows His True Colors

Steve Sanson Losing Candidate for Assembly 13.

Steve Sanson Losing Candidate for Assembly 13.

On July 7, 2016, I received a nice voicemail on my phone from Steve Sanson, former Assembly 13 candidate and President of Veterans In Politics Intl. I believe the message was due to this article I wrote about him.

This message clearly illustrates that Sanson is not a nice person and should never be elected to any public office. He likes to use vulgar language and tends to threaten anyone who disagrees with him. He does this quite a bit as illustrated on this website thread.

On his Facebook page he states: “So I decided to take a good look at the source of the negative name calling and silly accusations. To add these individuals never showed an interest in my campaign until now. After I conducted a simple criminal background check on the source of the negative name calling. I found out that many of them had a brush with the law, from branashing (sic) a weapon, domestic violence, assault. The list goes on, now I am not saying that all of them have something to hide. I am saying if you come after me, I am going to make it my duty to learn about you!

But I guess it’s OK for Sanson to brandish a weapon while intoxicated? LVRJ Article.

I the voice message, Sanson tells me to quit lying about him but he doesn’t say what I lied about. He does say that in my previous article I just mentioned him and not the other candidates who also filed a Statement of Contest. Well, I do mention all the other candidates in the second paragraph! I guess he can’t read either.

Is Steve Sanson unstable? I don’t know but I would advise to steer clear of him. Here is the message he left on my phone:


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Steve Sanson, What a BOOB!

I’ll be the first to say there should be complete integrity in our voting system.

By now we’ve all heard about the Statement of Contest filed by six losing candidates in the 2016 Primary, a legal action alleging that there was a “possible and probable malfunction” in the voting or counting devices used to record and tabulate the votes. The six candidates are Steve Sanson, Blain Jones, Diana Orrock, Mary Rooney, Connie Foust and Tina Trenner.

Steve Sanson Losing Candidate for Assembly 13.

Steve Sanson Losing Candidate for Assembly 13.

I hope the court documents filed by Orrock, Rooney, Foust and Trenner are better than the one filed by losing Assembly 13 candidate Steve Sanson. His filed Statement Of Contest shows what a BOOB he is and I’m glad he didn’t win the Assembly 13 primary. (I live in Assembly 13)

I don’t disagree that Steve Sanson can file a Statement of Contest to make sure the vote count was correct. I also don’t disagree that Sanson can inspect and manually audit the sealed, raw vote.

What makes Steve Sanson a BOOB is that he really believes he should have won this race. He claims that polling done showed him either ahead of Anderson or dead even and somehow the voting machines are to blame for changing the vote. Please.

When I ran for Assembly 13 in 2012 against Paul Anderson, there was a poll done for me that showed that Anderson and I were in a dead heat. Imagine my surprise on election night when I saw that I was losing 2:1! Did I go and cry like a baby? No. I learned that, many times, polling doesn’t mean squat in small, local elections.

If you look at the election results for the 2016 Assembly 13 primary, Paul Anderson won by approximately 2:1 again. Is this due to “rigged voting machines”? No. It’s the nature of Assembly District 13. Let me explain.

Nevada Assembly District 13 is a heavy Latter Day Saints (LDS) district. Paul Anderson in a member of the LDS Church. LDS members vote in the primary. LDS members vote for LDS members. This is a political fact in Assembly 13.

After I lost in 2012, I was told that there may be no way that a non-LDS member can win in this district. I believe this may be true as most voters who are not members of the LDS Church do not vote in the primary. Again, a political fact in Assembly 13 and other Districts.

You can read Steve Sanson’s complaint here: Sanson Contest

Joe Gloria is the head man for the Clark County Election Department. I have met and spoken to him personally and I take him for a man with integrity. I believe he does everything he can to make sure the election in Clark County is done honestly, correctly and by the rules.

Do I believe Paul Anderson won the Assembly 13 race honestly? Yes I do.

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The Secret To Hold Our Elected Officials Accountable

I just heard that the Carson City Republican Party sent Assemblyman P.K. O’Neill a letter (below) stating that he was being kicked off the Central Committee over voting for the largest tax hike in Nevada history and that he violated the County Platform regarding education and taxes.

Yep, kicking him off the Central Committee will show him, right?

Now he is going to be a good Republican and follow the Party Platform from now on, right?

Don’t hold your breath.

Reminds me of last year when the Clark County Republican Party censured Assemblyman Paul Anderson, and others, for not following the Party Platform.

How did that work out?

But there is a way to hold our elected officials accountable and get rid of the RINO’s.

It’s found in the Nevada Revised Statutes. Yes, there is a law. It’s found in NRS 293.177. It’s called the Declaration of Candidacy.

You see, ALL candidates when they file for office MUST sign the Declaration of Candidacy. Here it is (BOLD emphasis mine):

Declaration of Candidacy of …….. for the
Office of …………….

State of Nevada

County of …………………..

For the purpose of having my name placed on the official ballot as a candidate for the ……………. Party nomination for the office of ………, I, the undersigned …….., do swear or affirm under penalty of perjury that I actually, as opposed to constructively, reside at ………., in the City or Town of ……., County of ………., State of Nevada; that my actual, as opposed to constructive, residence in the State, district, county, township, city or other area prescribed by law to which the office pertains began on a date at least 30 days immediately preceding the date of the close of filing of declarations of candidacy for this office; that my telephone number is …………, and the address at which I receive mail, if different than my residence, is ………; that I am registered as a member of the ……………. Party; that I am a qualified elector pursuant to Section 1 of Article 2 of the Constitution of the State of Nevada; that if I have ever been convicted of treason or a felony, my civil rights have been restored by a court of competent jurisdiction; that I have not, in violation of the provisions of NRS 293.176, changed the designation of my political party or political party affiliation on an official application to register to vote in any state since December 31 before the closing filing date for this election; that I generally believe in and intend to support the concepts found in the principles and policies of that political party in the coming election; that if nominated as a candidate of the ……………. Party at the ensuing election, I will accept that nomination and not withdraw; that I will not knowingly violate any election law or any law defining and prohibiting corrupt and fraudulent practices in campaigns and elections in this State; that I will qualify for the office if elected thereto, including, but not limited to, complying with any limitation prescribed by the Constitution and laws of this State concerning the number of years or terms for which a person may hold the office; and that I understand that my name will appear on all ballots as designated in this declaration.

(Designation of name)

(Signature of candidate for office)

Imagine that. Signed under the penalty of perjury. This is found in NRS 199.145. This states:

NRS 199.145  Statement made in declaration under penalty of perjury.  A person who, in a declaration made under penalty of perjury:
1.  Makes a willful and false statement in a matter material to the issue or point in question; or
2.  Willfully makes an unqualified statement of that which the person does not know to be true, or who suborns another to make in such a declaration a statement of the kind described in subsection 1 or 2, is guilty of perjury or subornation of perjury, as the case may be, which is a category D felony and shall be punished as provided in NRS 193.130.

And what is the penalty for committing perjury on a Declaration?

199.130 2(d) A category D felony is a felony for which a court shall sentence a convicted person to imprisonment in the state prison for a minimum term of not less than 1 year and a maximum term of not more than 4 years. In addition to any other penalty, the court may impose a fine of not more than $5,000, unless a greater fine is authorized or required by statute.

Felons cannot run for public office in Nevada.

Hmmm. And what is the Carson City Republican Party accusing Assemblyman O’Neill of doing? That’s right, violating the County Platform. Interesting.

While I agree that Assemblyman O’Neill should be kicked off the Central Committee, the Carson City Republican Party should sue Assemblyman O’Neill for perjury.

This is how we hold our elected officials accountable.

Here’s the text of the letter…

Assemblyman P.K. O’Neill,

You were sent to the legislature to represent your constituents. Your campaign material indicated that you were against the Margins Tax (renamed the Commerce Tax). November 4th, 2014 four out of five voters state wide said that they did not support a new business tax for education. Your vote in favor of the Commerce Tax was in direct opposition to republican principals, the will of the citizens of Nevada, and your campaign promises.

You ran as a Republican, accepted money from, and were elected by Republicans. During the Carson City Republican Party (CCRCC) endorsement process you indicated that you would support the County Republican platform. You violated the County Platform regarding education and taxes.

Your support of Commerce Tax violated the trust placed in you and calls your integrity into question. As an organization that worked to see that you were supported, endorsed, and elected, your vote has sullied our reputation. For these reasons the Carson Republican Party (CCRCC) Executive Board is considering your removal from the Carson City Republican Party (CCRCC). You are invited to defend yourself at a special board meeting to be held at Republican Headquarter 1931 Suite B, California Street, at 6pm the 26 of April, 2016.

Should the Board vote to remove you from the Carson City Republican Party (CCRCC) you may appeal the decision at the full Carson City Republican Party (CCRCC) membership meeting to be held at 7pm the 28th of April, 2016 at the Silver Charter School.

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WCF The World Chess Champion Endorses Leonard Foster for Assembly 13!

Stan Vaughan. WCF The World Chess Champion Endorses Leonard Foster for Nevada Assembly District 13.

Stan Vaughan. WCF The World Chess Champion Endorses Leonard Foster for Nevada Assembly District 13.

I hereby endorse LEONARD FOSTER for Nevada Assembly District 13 . I have known Leonard for many years and believe he is of the best temperment as well as unselfish concern for the voters of Assembly 13 to represent that district.

Stan Vaughan
WCF The World Chess Champion and candidate for Assembly 15.

Thank You Stan!

Stan Vaughan is the Republican Candidate for Assembly District 15. He does not have a primary opponent but will face a tough race in the General Election. His website is WWW.STANVAUGHAN.ORG.

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New Law Disenfranchises 57,166 Voters In Nevada

57,166 Nevadan's will not be able to vote for their representative in the 2016 election.

57,166 Nevadan’s will not be able to vote for their representative in the 2016 election.

The Assembly 13 race is an interesting race this election cycle. There are only three Republicans running with NO Democrat, 3rd Party or Independents running.

According to registration totals for Assembly 13 from the Clark County Election Department, 19,882 registered Democrats, Independent American Party, Libertarians, Independents and Other Party voters in Assembly 13 will not be able to vote for their representative in the Assembly.

Senate Bill 499 was passed this last session which disenfranchised these voters.

The election law used to state that in this type of election situation, if no candidate received a majority of votes (50% + 1), the top two would go to the general election where all registered voters could vote for their representative.

Previously, the law stated that if there were only two candidates from one major party, and no other candidates, the two would not have a Primary but both would appear in the General Election where every registered voter could vote for their representative. The changes made with SB499, these two candidates will now face each other in the Primary, where only voters of the Party can vote, and the winner will be the only one to appear on the General Election ballot, thus the winner of that race. Disenfranchising thousands of voters in that particular District.

Previously, if there were three or more candidates from one major party, and no other candidates, if one candidate received a majority of votes (50% + 1) then that candidate would be the winner and would be the only name to appear in the General Election. If no candidate received a majority of votes, then the top two would appear in the General election allowing all the voters in the District to vote for their representative.

The changes made with SB499 now state that with three candidates of the same Major Political Party in the race, and no other candidates, the candidate who receives the most votes (Doesn’t have to be 50% + 1) wins and his/her name will be the only name to appear on the ballot in the general election. Again, disenfranchising thousands of voters in that particular District.

You can view SB499 HERE. It’s a pdf file so scroll down to page 14 and you will see the changes made in BLUE.

You can see the Assembly vote on this bill here. Yes, Assemblyman for District 13, Paul Anderson, voted YES to this bill.

Current 2016 Primary elections which now disenfranchise tens of thousands of voters include:
State Senate District 4 (2 Democrats) 18,914 disenfranchised voters
Assembly District 13 (3 Republicans) 19,882 disenfranchised voters
Assembly District 19 (2 Republicans) 18,370 disenfranchised voters

This totals to 57,166 voters who not be able to participate in the election to elect their representative.

For ONE voter to be disenfranchised is a travesty. To have 57,166 voters disenfranchised should be a crime.

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