Jonathan's 1963 Ford Thunderbird Website


Pictures of the Car Before we got Started
Pictures of the Car when we Brought it Home
Working on the Back Brakes
Front Brakes and Everything Behind it
Different Views of the Car
Inside the Car
Front Pieces
Fender Pieces
Tires and Wheels
Spring Cutting
Air Bag Suspention System
Back Bumper, Lights, and Everything Else
Gas Tank
Under the Car
Here I will explain how to restore a 1963 Ford Thunderbird. My dad and I have taken an old forgotten car and are trying to restore it to look brand new. We've taken out some of the original parts and put in new parts modified to fit into the car. I will explain how we took out the parts and how we put them back together with the new parts in. Each page will describe a certain area on the car. I will explain the problems and difficulties we had along the way.
This is how the car looked when we bought it. Some of the bumper isn't on it though. Luckily it was in the trunk. It was all in one piece so we could use it. 
We got the car at an auction called Good Buy Auto Auction. My dad paid $1,400 for the car. A Thunderbird for that price is unimaginable and rarely found.