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Working on the Back Brakes

We took this picture after I took off the emergency brake. The drum is already off and put away. To take off the emergancy break I had to pull back the spring, pull the cord forward, then take off the break. 
This is a picture of the axle. It's all greasy and dirty. It's still in good shape so we don't need to replace it. You can see a bearing on the ground in front of it. 
Here I was pushing the axle back in. This was a very messy job. I learned that one of the axles is longer on one side than the other.
Here I was making sure the axle was going on straight. I was holding up the axle so it wouldn't get stuck on stuff. Then i bolted it back in place.
I was having a problem and had to have my dad come and check it out. I think the problem was is that he didn't apply the glue where it should have been.
This is my dad grinding off a couple of places to make it fit in place. Even some of the fittings had to be cut down a little. We had to do this on both sides of the car. 
This is me getting ready to put the brakes on. First I will have to put the back plate on. This is what the new disk brake will bolt on to. Hopefully the new grinded brake pad will fit. 
Now I'm putting on the back plate. This was a fairly easy job. All I had to do was bolt it on in a couple of places. I had my dad make sure it was tight enough. 
This is the brake all assembled together. What we have to do to finish it is hook the brake cable to it and then the emergency brake. 
It's almost finished and I'm very happy for it. I spent about two days on it and finally almost finished it. 
Here is the brake all finished with two bolts just places. Like I said all we have to do is just connect the brake cables. This is on the right side of the car.
This one is on the left side. If you look at the leaf springs, we have to take out two of the leaves to have the air bags fit.
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