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Tires and Wheels

Today my true spoke wheels showed up. I was thrilled. I saw what they looked like on the computer and I couldn't wait until they showed up. 
Here is a close up with the hub cap on. Man doesn't that look awesome. This is going to look hot on my car. 
We put it on my car just to see what it would look like. That looks awesome. 
I took a picture of the front view and it looks just perfect. I can't wait until we get the tires. 
Here's a close up of the hub cap. It says Thunderbird and has the logo. 
This is the old tire that was on. The depth of this wheel was to far in and dented the inside of the fender. We straightened out the fender and made sure that the wheel we have now is not to deep. Also these tires have white walls, but not as thick as I like. 
The new tires came in two days before the people said they would. I was so happy. I asked my dad if we could put them on the tires, he said later. Also in the picture the walls are blue. I told my dad that I wanted white walls not blue walls. He told me the blue comes off when you wash it. Later that day we went to get them installed but no tire company had the inner tubes that we needed. My dad said that we would have to order them. 
Here my dad is taking off one of the old tires. 
This is a full view of the tires when we got them. There was a lot more blue on it than it shows. 
This is what it is going to look like put on the car. We finally got the tires mounted on the wheels. 
This is my dad putting on the lug nuts. 
This is what the wheel looks like with the hub cap on it. This is a lot of blue. 
This is the whole tire with the hub cap on it. I'm getting ready to scrub off the blue. 
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