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Spring Cutting

This is the picture of the spring on the left side of the car. 
This is the spring on the right side of the car before we started cutting it. 
My dad started cutting it but stopped for some reason. So I took the opportunity to take some pictures. 
I took this picture to show how saggy the spring was. 
My dad finally got the spring cut. He noticed that he had to cut some more because there was still pressure on the spring. 
He starts up the flame again and goes in for round two. My dad was scared to cut the spring because of how dangerous it is. 
My dad is trying to get another part of the spring to melt but it's taking a while. 
This picture was the last one I got before the tank ran out of oxygen making the flame not work. I also like this picture because of the flame. My dad caught the shock on fire once. I'm glad we had a fire extinguisher, but all he had to do was blow it out. 
I couldn't find the other goggles, so I wore his welding helmet. 
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