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Pictures of the Car when we Brought it Home

This is me with my hand on the hood of my car. My favorite part of the hood is the snout. In this picture we already took off the bumper and the grill.
This is my brother wanting a ride in my car. I told him that if he wanted a ride he couldn't take the pizza in the car. He was disappointed. Then my dad came around and told him it didn't run yet. 


Again this is an under the hood picture. If you look in the back at the master cylinder its only run by a single piston. This is dangerous because if the piston gives out then you would have no more breaks. With the one that we're going to put in, it has a duel cylinder system so if one of the pistons go out then only two of the wheels will loose there breaking system and you will still have breaks in the other two wheels.


This picture is of the front left light. The blinker light is just hanging there because we had to take it off in order to take off the bumper. All the brown stuff is all the dirt we have to take off.
This picture is where the grill would go. The radiator sits behind the grill. If you look at the horns, one of them is facing downward while the other is in an upper position. The thing hanging down in the middle is how you open the hood of the car. 
In this picture you notice the fender bracket is all bent because of the car accident it was in. If you look at the metal around the radiator, it's all bent also. We're probably going to have to replace the radiator.
In this picture you can see the difference in the fender brackets. On the right you can't see the bracket. On the left you can see it sticking out. You can also see the chrome around the hood, on the fins, and on the snout. 
This is a picture of after we took off the back light. You can see how many screws it takes to hold it in. Also around the edges you notice that it's bent in on one side. I have no idea why this is.
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