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Pictures of the Car Before we got Started

This picture was taken a couple of days after we got the car. My dad and I were inspecting the car to see all the different stuff we would have to work on. We found a lot of problems we had to fix. On the front the bumper was bend, the grill was broken into three pieces. The only problem with the grill being in three pieces is that they don't make the grill anymore so we're going to have to glue it together somehow. The chrome around the hood was all bent and if you look close on the right side of the car the bumper is lower. This is showing that this car was in an accident before we bought it.
This is a picture of under the hood. As you can see there is no battery. The red bag that's right above where the battery goes is the water bag. When we put in a new battery we got the engine to turn over but we couldn't get it to start. If you look at it from this view it looks like the original engine but if you look underneath it looks like a brand new engine was put in.
This picture is of inside the car at the driver's side. The leather seats are all ripped up which means we'll have to replace those. You can't really see in this picture but there's a lot of loose wiring under the dash board where the pedals are. Under the seat is all torn up. One of the buttons to roll the windows up and down don't work. This all shows that we have a lot of wiring to deal with. 
This isn't the best picture of the logo on the back but this proves that this is a Thunderbird. This also shows the fins which me and my dad love.
This picture i like because of the left tail light. A 1963 T-Bird's tail lights were supposed to represent a jet engine and the way we took this picture made the tail light look like it's a lit up jet engine. You can also see the fins coming all the way to the back of the car.
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