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Inside the Car

This is a picture of the steering wheel and the stuff around it. We're going to have to replace the seats because there all torn up. The door panel we had to take off because one of the bolts to take the fender off was behind there. We're going to have to rewire the dash. 
This is in front of the passengers side. The glove compartment is directly under this. 
This was under the door panel on the passengers side. You can see the circuit box.
This, unfortunately, is the ignition switch. It's dangling by the pedals. We're going to have to rewire this and put the ignition back where it's supposed to go.
Here is all the meter stuff behind the steering wheel.
Here is a better view of the seat. You can see more ripping and you can see the Thunderbird symbol in the seat
Here is the rear view mirror. It's hanging in there. You can also see the different colors in the window indicating how old this is.
Here we have an old radio. This has the buttons for the different programed stations. It even has a tuning knob. You can see the dash cover coming off and going in front of the radio.
This is the ventilation system. You can see the different switches under it.
These are the window switches. We tested them and only one of them doesn't work. 
This is the middle console when it's closed. I like this because it has a lock on it. 
This is when the middle console is open. We found an ignition switch in there. Maybe the last owner was going to replace it. 
This is a picture of the back window on the left side. It has its own button. It's a very small back window.
The back seats look like there in pretty good shape. I believe that we're going to keep these. 
These are the pedals. The floor board is all ripped up and we're probably going to replace these.
This is the inside of the door. We're working on this when we get it outside. 
This is a picture of my friend Kurtis messing around with wires. The picture is through the back window. 
My dad was unscrewing the bolts to lift up the carpet. 
My dad ran the wires through the back and put it under the carpet. 
Kurtis ran the wire under the side panel. 
This is a picture of the door panel without the chrome on it. I had to take it off to lift up the carpet. 
We took out the back seats to run the wire from the trunk to the front. 
We took off the side panel because all of the wires wouldn't fit when we put the wire protector on. 
Here is the side panel off of the car. To take it off you just have to pull the wire off for the window switch. 
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