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Front Brakes and Everything Behind it

Here we've got the front tire off and we're figuring out how to take off the front drum brake. My dad's friend James is helping us to figure out the problem. 
Here I've just taken off the brake and we're putting it in the box next to me. It didn't take to long to get the drum off but now it's the hard part, taking everything off underneath. To take the drum off you unscrew the lug nuts and it just pulls off. 
Now I am just looking to see what I have to do. There are four bolts connecting this to the car. I have to unhook all four for the brake to slide out.
Here you can see the spring sagging in the middle. The shock is probably the only thing holding it there. We will have to replace the spring and the shock but first we have to take them off. While I was inside my dad went to take off the spring. He didn't want me in there because of how dangerous the spring is. He compressed it and got started cutting it. I all of a sudden heard a noise like metal hitting the ground. My dad walked in and asked if we heard that. He told us that when he cut off the piece of the spring it bounced towards him and hit his arm. He had a little scratch on his arm and then showed us the piece that flew across the garage. 
This picture of everything behind the tire and wheel is dirty and needs to be cleaned up. Right now I'm playing in the goop on the piece that holds the wheel. If you look at the spring holder it has the original designing. We had to go and get it riveted. 
My dad is spray painting the new parts that we're going to put in. He taped up all the openings so that no paint would get in there. 
Here's another view of him painting the new parts. He has the pieces on a piece of cardboard so no paint makes a mess on the rocks.
My dad painted the fender bracket the same color he painted the parts. Now it looks good and doesn't have all the dirt and stuff on it. To take off the fender I unscrewed the bolts on the top of the fender. I unscrewed the ones on the bottom and the one on the inside of the car.
Here you can see that we took out all the parts in here. My dad also painted this black. I can't wait until we finish this and move on to the other side.
This shows the wiring under the fender bracket. This wiring leads to the engine and possibly the door. You can see the break cable coming up from the bottom. 
This is the disk break all finished except for the cap on the front. We had trouble putting on the break pads because the spacers were to long. We had to grind the spacers down to get it to fit.
From this view we can see some of the stuff behind the wheel. It's all painted black and looks nice.
This is a picture before we put on the breaks. You can see everything behind the wheel. We kept the original steering part. We used a wire brush on it to get all the dirt off of it.
Here's my favorite part of the whole fix. To replace the spring we put in air bags. With just a push of a button the car can sit on the floor or stand up like normal. 
We put in some of the older parts just because they were still usable. You can see the bottom of the air bag in this picture. All the stuff painted black is either new or we took it off, cleaned it, then painted it. 
This is me tightening stuff under the car. Sometimes dust would fall from the car and get in my eyes. When we got done with this side, we started on the other side.
This is the spring on the right side of the car. You can tell that it's sagging outward. We're going to replace this with an air bag also. 
This is the tire that was over the drum brake. We replaced the drum brake with a disk brake. We noticed that the wheel was to far out so the tire bent the inside metal on the fender. The previous owners didn't know what tire to put on. 
This is the drum brake after we took off the tire. It has cobwebs all over it because it's old. All I have to do is take this apart. The good thing about this is that I've already done one side so I know what to do on this side. 
I just took off the cap and am about to take all the other stuff out of here. This is very goopy and it might be a little hard to get the stuff out. 
I took out all the spacers and the bearing inside. Now I'm going to pull off the drum. It is hard to take this off because it's precisely put on there. 
I have successfully taken off the drum and I turn my attention to everything underneath. First I will unbolt all four of the bolts then pull of the break. 
This is the underside of the drum. All the springs and the cylinder. Also the brake pads. 
Here I'm looking in the back to find the four bolts I have to take off to get the brake off. I fit the socket on the nuts and start unscrewing the bolts. Notice that the spring is burnt.
Here I am taking off the braking pads and all the good stuff. I'm on the last two bolts. 
Here I was having trouble with the bottom bolt. I had to get around all of the stuff in the way. 
I just took off the brake pads and stuff. Also we just dropped the lower A arm. 
Here is the passenger side of the car. It's almost done. The brake is still a little wobbly so we have to trim the spacers a little more. Other than that were moving on. 
Here's the front view of the finished brakes. There's a little rust around where the lug nuts go but it's not enough to damage anything
I took a picture of the actual brakes up close just to show them off. The gold is the brake pads. I was happy to finish the brakes. 
This is the top view of the disk brakes and you can see a space in the disk part. 
You can see the rod connecting the brake to the arm that hooks to the car.
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