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Fender Pieces

This is the right fender. We took it off because it needs to be sand blasted. You can see some of the dents in it. I had to take off the bolt on the inside of the car and some of the bolts under the car. My mom took off all of the top bolts while my dad took off one of the bottom bolts.
This is the underside of the fender. This is after we took everything off. All of the dirt needs to be blasted off. I took off all the rubber pieces and all the staples. 
This is the front of the fender. It's all dented up and has surface rust on it. You can also see some of the dents and scratches.
This is the same part of the fender but underneath. It's not all dented under here but it has surface rust on it. 
Here's the back side of the fender. You can see some dirt. You can also see a line in the middle. That's because it sticks out in the middle. 
This is a picture of one of the dents in the fender. It shows the primer color under the gray paint. 
This is the part of the fender that the chrome lining goes onto. We already took off the clips and the chrome part but I wanted to show what it looked like underneath.
This piece is the bottom part of the front piece. This is where we had to take off the rubber so we can get it sand blasted.
This is one of the parts that hold the fender in place. It makes it so it doesn't move around. All the stuff that looks like a liquid is actually the metal itself. 
This is the other side of the picture above. This piece goes on the back of the fender and is pretty easy to take off the car. All you have to do is take off about four bolts. 
This is the other piece that holds the fender on the car. This is the one on the front of the fender. 
This is the other side. From here you can see the two brackets that hold it onto the car and fender. 
This is what the back tire will look like with the fender skirts on. We bought these on and they were in great condition when we got them. 
Here's a side view of what it will look like. It will look better with the tire and wheel on. 
This is the top view of what it will look like. 
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