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Different Views of the Car

Here is the dusty front windshield. From the inside you can barely see out of it. We might have to replace the windshield. I hope we don't have to though because it would be a hassle. 
This is a corner view of the car. You can see some of the engine in this picture. The stuff laying on the engine is the chrome pieces that go on the top of the fender. You can see how dirty the engine is on the side. 
This picture is of the snout on the hood. You can see the chrome on the front of the snout. You can also see how the snout comes out from the engine. 
Here is a picture of under the hood. You can see all the stuff falling off the hood. The hood piece at the top holds the hood closed. 
Here's a picture of the side mirror. It's the original one but it's very loose and moves side to side when you close the door. 
This is the side view from the back. You can see all the dust by all of the weird hand prints and drawings. You can also see the paint coming off on the hood.
Here is another side view on the other side. This side is all dusty as well. You can see the chrome going all the way to the back fin
This is the same side but from the back. You can also see the paint coming off from the left side. The front looks weird because the fender is not there. 
This is a picture of the surface rust next to the key hole. We're glad this is only surface rust and not rust that goes all the way through. 
This is surface rust on the bottom of the door. All we have to do is blast it off. It's a lot easier than cutting it out and having to weld a new piece on there. 
This is the back part of where the fender connects. You can see a lot of pine leaves on the car. I'm going to have to get out the heat gun and take all of the dirt off. Then we'll put the primer on it. 
These are the two lights. The headlight had a lot of dust in it. The blinker light is placed on top of the headlight because if we didn't put it there it would just be hanging down and get in the way
This picture is of the front right side with all the original parts. We're going to have to replace most of the stuff under here. 
This is the place where the master cylinder is supposed to be. We ordered the new master cylinder but the company that we ordered from sent it to Florida. We got a package with some other persons name on it. The company must have sent us there stuff. 
This is the door handle. The handle is made of chrome. It's cool because the handle goes fluently with the rest of the chrome on the car.
This is the proof that it's a Thunderbird. It's a bad picture but it works. 
This is the symbol of the Thunderbird. 
This is the chrome lining that goes on the fender. All we had to do to take this off was to pull and undo the pieces that connected it. 
The side mirror is cracked on the back. In order to adjust the mirror you have to move a little lever inside the door. There is no side mirror on the right side of the car. 
Now with out own custom made light holder, it looks straighter in the front. We also have a new light on the passengers side. 
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