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Air Bag Suspention System


This is the air tank for the air bags. This is the whole control for the raising and lowering of the car. There is a lot of wiring to be done but in the end it's worth it. 
The small red box is where all of the wires hook to. This box tells everything what to do. In the picture not everything is hooked up and the ground wire needs to be screwed into the car. 
This is one of the pressure limit things. It decides when the pressure is too low and will start the pump or when it's high enough this will shut off the pump. 
Again this is the whole view of the pump and everything. We tried to make everything as neat as possible. 
This picture shows that the tube that goes to the muffler is too close to the air bag. We'll need to adjust the tubing and lead the tubing away from the air bag.
This is where we have to bolt in the air bag. What you don't see is what is on the other side. The gas line and tank are in the way so we won't be able to bolt in all five of the spots. 
We had to jack up the leaf springs in order to get the air bag to the correct position to screw it in. 
This shows the whole thing jacked up. We marked the proper position on the car to drill the holes. 
The only three spots we could put bolts in were the bottom ones. This is the only way that the air bag could be screwed in. 
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